The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments Of Michelle Obama…And It Ain’t Pretty!

The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments Of Michelle Obama…And It Ain’t Pretty!

Michelle Obama has been the greatest First Lady to ever grace the White House.

…said no sane person alive.


1. The time she was caught rolling her eyes at a luncheon…while the then Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was speaking. She wasn’t just caught once, but twice.


Being how it was the original orange man, I’m wiling to give her pass on this…or just be disgusted by both of them.

2. Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner made a note that she might not have the healthiest physique…he made this after ranting about her war on children with her ‘healthy’ lunch program.

I believe he called it a “large posterior”, after which, the Washington Post jumped to the First Lady’s defense, criticizing the congressman for being “mesmerized” by her…uh, bum.

He was also criticized online as a racist…because according to the keyboard warriors, black people have big posteriors…way to go guys. That’s not racist at all.

“All this for a damn flag?”…the were the supposed words that Michelle was said to have uttered during a 9/11 ceremony…

Nice lady.

4. The time Mrs. Obama broke royal protocol by continually touching the Queen of England.


During one of her very many wasteful visits to Buckingham Palace, Michelle just couldn’t keep her hands off of the Queen…you don’t touch the queen. It’s protocol, and she was briefed not to.

She probably thought her royalty out measured the Queens.

This one takes the cake for embarrassing moments…maybe more so for Barack than Michelle…


During the funeral of Nelson Mandela, the President was caught taking a all smile selfie with the PM of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. As it turned out, Michelle didn’t like that, and we soon found the scowling woman, sitting between her husband, and Thorning-Schmidt.

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Ouch! That has got to hurt.

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