Touching moment army captain watches his wife give birth to quadruplets, from 6,000 miles away….

Touching moment army captain watches his wife give birth to quadruplets, from 6,000 miles away….

With technology being so advanced and showing no sign of slowing down in advancement…we are able to benefit from it in many ways. The conveniences it provides are plenty, but for this Army Captain, the convenience it brought him…is priceless!


He might have been over 6,000 miles away on deployment with the U.S. Army in South Korea.

But nothing was going to stop Captain Anthony Burch from Illinois from seeing his wife Mary Pat give birth to quadruplets.

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And thanks to FaceTime on his iPhone Captain Burch was able to watch the touching moment as the couple’s babies Henry, Molly, Nathaniel, and Samuel entered the world last Sunday.

Captain Burch had been on deployment in Asia and was unable to make it back to Illinois to be at his wife’s side as the infants were born.

But luckily for him, he was able to make a video call and staff at the AMITA Adventist Medical Center were able to show him his new children’s first moments.

He told ABC News: ‘It was perfect timing, everything clicked together and I was able to see the babies as they were getting cleaned off.’

While his wife, Mary Pat, added: ‘We got to see the babies before I did, even though I was right there in the room.’

But after managing to fly home from South Korea on Thursday, he went straight to the hospital and he was able to meet the three boys and girl in person for the first time.

The babies have to remain in hospital for the next few weeks while they build up their strength and Captain Burch has another two weeks of leave before going back on deployment.

Captain Burch will return home to Illinois for good in the summer to be with his wife, the babies, and their other two-year-old daughter Alice.

And even though they knew they always wanted a big family, they were shocked to be told that they were expecting quadruplets.

Mrs Burch added: ‘We wanted a big family, but we thought we’d be able to spread it out more.

‘Instead, we got an instant upgrade.’

Whoa…that is going to be an awful lot of work…but a whole lot of joy to go along with it too. Beautiful family.

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