Tragic Irony: Injured Woman who Chinese motorist avoids and passes turns out to be his mother, who later dies from her injuries

by Scott Hounsell | April 9, 2015 12:38 pm

Remember what your mother taught you.  Always help those in need, because that person might actually turn out to be your mother.  A Chinese motorist who passed the scene of an accident where a woman was lying in the road on the way to visit his sick mother, received a devastating truth when he returned to the scene later[1].

Chinese driver  for Chinese driver[2]

“A motorist in China who was driving to visit his mother saw an injured woman lying by the side of a motorway but decided stopping to help would be too much inconvenience.

When the man, named by Chinese media as Mr Zhang, arrived at his mother’s house and found that she wasn’t home, neighbours told him that she had left early that morning with the intention of meeting him.

A sense of dread crept over the driver as he remembered the elderly woman lying by the side of the road, People’s Daily Online reported, and when he returned to the scene of the accident he found his mother covered in blood and dying.

He called police but his mother, from Wuhu, in Anhui Province, died on the way to hospital, it was reported.

A neighbour said: ‘Mr Zhang is the victim’s son. He wells up as soon as he mentions his mother and the accident she was involved in.”

It is speculated that the man didn’t stop because he was afraid that he could be sued by someone.  I thought only Americans were sue-happy?  Well I guess they don’t have good Samaritan laws in China.  Next time I see someone in help I’m stopping! It may not be my mother, but it may be someone’s mother!

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