Traits The RNC Chair Should Possess

by Melissa Clouthier | December 9, 2008 2:09 pm

Unless Republicans truly have become Democrats where failure is rewarded, the current Republican National Committee Chairman must move along. The Republicans need new blood. Preferably, they need new, younger blood.

Quickly now. Who is the current RNC chairman[1]? Now, who is the DNC chairman? That’s right Howard “The Scream” Dean. Hey, at least you know his name. That would be a nice start for the Republicans.

Here’s my list:

Charismatic–Please, can we have someone who can interview well on TV?

Smart–The party chair has to be one step of everyone else.

Tough-minded–Politics is a bloodsport. The chair has to have the spine to make tough decisions during tough times.

Personable–Possess the ability to tell someone to go to hell and after the conversation the person is excited about the trip.

Uses New Media and Embraces Technology–Hello! This is the new fashioned days, people. Social media is not a fad. It will be here in one form or another. Hell, if social media was good enough for Paul Revere, it should be good enough for the RNC chair. (Here’s how the candidates[2] do.)

Excels at Fund Raising–This is raison d’etre, non?

I don’t know who best fits these traits. I like Michael Steele[3] and Saul Anuzis[4]. (As an aside, Steele’s web page is messy. It really needs to look better. Anuzis’ is great. It is obvious he understands new media.) Friends of mine really like Ken Blackwell[5].

If I had to pick right now, I’d pick Saul. But I’m willing to be persuaded. Also, I’m a bit biased as Saul is from my home turf and I think he understands the economic, social, and other concerns based on his location. But that would be true, I suppose, of Ken Blackwell, too, since he’s from Ohio.

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