Trump Announces What He’s Doing For America’s Veterans – Conservatives CHEER!

by McIntosh | December 31, 2016 2:34 am

There have been more REASONS than I can possibly count to be utterly disgusted and disappointed by President Obama and his time in office over the last eight years. The economy, Obamacare, his disastrous foreign policy, exploding debt and so much more. However, his most disgusting and unacceptable has to be his shameful treatment – through his choices of heads – of veterans[1] at the VA.


Hundreds of thousands of veterans have died waiting for care at the VA all throughout this Presidency and he did nothing to remedy it. Donald Trump made a campaign promise to fix the deteriorating VA and do what Obama should have done on day one and now we have a sneak peak at what that plan may entail.

According to Townhall:

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t tapped a VA Secretary yet, but yesterday his transition team announced plans for VA reform will include allowing veterans to seek private healthcare options. From the Wall Street Journal:

Fleet Week New York City 2009[3]

Mr. Trump is considering changing the department to allow some veterans to bypass the VA heath-care system completely and get care exclusively from private-sector hospitals and clinics, the official said. It is an option that could give veterans full choice over their health care, but which many veterans groups argue is the first step toward privatization and one that will reduce the quality of health care over the long term.

“It’s one of the options on the table,” the transition official said Wednesday. ”Definitely an option on the table to have a system where potentially vets can choose either or, or all private.”

That seems like a real solid plan and one that will greatly benefit our wounded vets. Let’s try to shoot for ‘all’ of them instead of ‘some’. I don’t know where that ‘some’ cam from, but across the military board, every single one of those vets deserve every option of medical choices that this country can muster.

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