Trump BOOED Immediately as He Entered the New York Times Building – Here’s How He Reacted [VIDEO]

Trump BOOED Immediately as He Entered the New York Times Building – Here’s How He Reacted [VIDEO]

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! President-elect Donald Trump met with the ‘LEFTIST ELITES’ of the New York Times in Manhattan today and what came of it? A whole lot of…’stupid’.

(This is not a video, only an image. Video further down)


We know not to expect much from those lame duck Democrats anyway, but still…their behavior was down right rotten, immature and they truly lived up to their name with their not-so-intelligent behavior.

That’s right, they found the immaturity in themselves to ‘boo’ Donald Trump upon entering and exiting a meeting that he did not have to grace them with…

We do have some footage of what went down during the visit that I’ll drop right here for you to witness for yourself. I am embarrassed for them and their ‘deplorable’ behavior.

Silly liberals…I really feel bad for your brains, it has to be a nightmare in there.

How about CNN…and that reporting? Giving the video a moment of silence to make sure we can hear just how nasty the crowd is being to him and stating that it was important to give those moments the focus, and home in on the booing crowd, because it’s a sad thing that Americans do not feel safe with Trump as their President.


No kind of sob story or half truth wrapped in numerous lies is going to stop us from seeing through your sorry act. Of course he is going to be booed with that crowd, they are all liberal buffoons that lack the skill set to act like decent human beings that respect democracy.

If CNN thinks for one second that the sight of Trump being booed by a disrespecting crowd that spends more time seeking their ‘safe places’ than doing any good in this world…they need a serious reality check.

All I saw in the video was a President-elect that tolerated the likes of unintelligent bozos and tolerated them with grace.

So, CNN… feel free to go slap yourselves.

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