Trump Forced To Delete Facebook Video After Making This Embarassing Mistake

by John Binder | January 23, 2016 4:12 pm

Every once in a while, mistakes, gaffes and flubs are made along the campaign trail. They’re usually due to a lack of sleep or from constantly having to repeat the same speech over and over again.

But, the latest mistake by Donald Trump, wasn’t just a gaffe, it was a edited and taped campaign video[1] that viewers noticed something odd about.

donald trump vets[2]

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump was forced to delete a campaign video from his Facebook page Friday after viewers noticed that it featured Russian veterans instead of American service members.

The video, aimed at honoring the U.S. military, showcased Russian soldiers with medals featuring the hammer and sickle. The footage was traced to stock footage available at Shutterstock.

Subsequently, the Trump campaign retracted the video and put out a new one. And they have not responded the media inquiries.

Being that Trump is the front-runner and the likely GOP nominee, he aught to get some interns that understand the difference between US veterans and Russian veterans.

  1. it was a edited and taped campaign video:
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