Trump Hater Robert De Niro Promises to Leave After Trump Victory – Offered ASYLUM in Italy

Trump Hater Robert De Niro Promises to Leave After Trump Victory – Offered ASYLUM in Italy

Did you know? There is a town in Southern Italy, this town is where Robert De Niro’s great-grandparents came from and it has offered the US film star himself… wait for it…. ASYLUM.


Take just a minute to process that in your head…it’s a doozy.

This offer came following the asshat’s foot in mouth remark about how he was going to leave the country and return there if Donald Trump became President.

‘If after the disappointment of Trump, he wants to take refuge here, we are ready to welcome him,’ said Antonio Cerio, the mayor of Ferrazzano.

Now this seriously cracks me up. Not only did De Niro embarrass himself by stating an action he would never take, but now that statement has come full circle to boot him in the buttocks, very publicly.


He has responded during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I’m going to probably have to move there,’ after Trump’s election victory.

The word “probably” is a very CLASSIC word that most certainly means… ‘Nope, not gonna. I’ll pretend until you forget what I said.’

You should probably know that De Niro has said some pretty idiotic things towards Trump before the election. Let us take a little stroll down memory lane…just for fun!

He has described Trump as: ‘a punk’, ‘a pig’ and ‘an idiot’

…and had gone further to throw out a few ‘classy’ statements…just kidding about the classy part.

‘I’d like to punch him in he face,’ he said before the election.

Followed up with this statement AFTER the Trump victory…

‘I can’t (punch Trump) now, he’s the president. And I have to respect that position.’

‘Maybe he (President Barack Obama) will when he sees him,’ he added.

Oh De Niro, it’s called ‘dignity’ you should find some.

If you find any, maybe grab a few extra handfuls for your other Hollywood friends who have make jokes of themselves.

Film Title: Little Fockers

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