Trump-Hating Amy Schumer Gets SLAMMED Online for ‘Racist’ New Video

Trump-Hating Amy Schumer Gets SLAMMED Online for ‘Racist’ New Video

WAIT! Lefty activists being devoured by their own!? Pop the popcorn…I’m in!

We all know you cannot reason with a barking dog and debating a lefty with facts and empirical evidence to prove any kind of point is just going to tear your sanity away and shred it to pieces… so, watching them prove it to themselves? PRICELESS!

Let me be the one to bring you good tides in reporting that’s EXACTLY what is happening to the comedian-turned-lefty-activist, Amy Schumer.


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Schumer has pulled off a big “no-no” when it comes to what is acceptable in the world of ‘hurt feelings 24/7″ liberals. In both the black and white communities.

At least that is what it appears to be according to all the “keyboard warriors” who have come out to attack on Twitter. Of course these fools are being absolutely savage in their criticism of the self-righteous comedian and are not hesitating to label her a racist on social media because of her parody of “Bey’s” “Formation” music video…

Yes, Schumer got down with her “jelly” and pulled out all sorts of dance moves that will violate your eyes and leave them bleeding out…for the rest of your life. You will never be the same again. Like, never…ever. Ever…again.

I digress.

Schumer got together with veteran actress Goldie Hawn and many others to put together the spoof video and let me tell you…it’s painful.

Here is the video. WARNING: Schumer Twerks…

I know, no one asked for this Amy…so just, why!? I mean, did she ever stop to just think for one moment on this? Her and her lefty friends are in the THICK of this environment of hate and segregation that they themselves, and their politicians, have created in Hollywood, on the Hill and online. How did she not know this would come back to bite her in the YOU KNOW WHAT!?

The left, including this not so funny and quite nasty comedian, have created a beastly social and cultural divide in this country, so much so that now they have lost control of it.

Beyonce’s song ‘Lemonade’, is aimed at black women, SPECIFICALLY, for their empowerment.

Amy…you thought because you ‘identified’ with that cause, that black people, and their white self-hating friends like you, were going to get into cute PJ’s, have a pillow fight and eat some popcorn while watching this AWFUL video spoof you have created!?

With how sensitive she is to …well…EVERYTHING that she doesn’t poke at first, I am rather shocked that she didn’t see the backlash coming from a million miles away.

Rude awakening, huh?

Yea, that’s what we have to deal with from the left…. EVERY DAY! So, there you go…drink up the taste of your own medicine REAL GOOD!

Here, I’ll give you a few teaspoons of it to snack on….






So Amy Schumer… does this feel like comedy to you now? Frustrating right?


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