Trump Jr. Frustrated Over The SILENCE On ‘Voter Fraud’ Tells Us Why Media Is Ignoring It [VIDEO]

Trump Jr. Frustrated Over The SILENCE On ‘Voter Fraud’ Tells Us Why Media Is Ignoring It [VIDEO]

Even before the undercover videos began surfacing, Americans knew that voter fraud was a problem. It should not be acceptable that even one person who is here illegally, dead or voting more than once gets to get away with undermining our electoral process. Furthermore, we should not allow those who are enabling this criminal activity to continue to do so.

But why aren’t you hearing about this from the mainstream media? Why does it seem like these incidences of fraud are being swept under the rug? Donald Trump Jr. thinks he has the answer.


Trump Jr. voiced his frustration at the lack of coverage on the WikiLeaks emails and Project Veritas videos to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer after the Presidential debate on Wednesday. He claimed that they proved that Democrats and especially Hillary are bragging about (and comfortable with) committing voter fraud in order to win elections.

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“They’re talking about inviting violence and Trump rallies, right? They’re going out and they’re saying ‘oh they…’ I mean it’s disgusting what’s come out in the last few weeks. When you look at the Wikileaks, the fraud, the waste, the abuse, the way the other campaign talks about virtually all Americans. Before it used to be just 50%, cuz that’s the basket of deplorables. Now it’s evangelicals, then it was African Americans, then it’s ‘needy Hispanics ,’ all these things that have come out. I’m just glad that people really see what’s going on in this process.”

Then Hemmer suggests that Democrats allege Trump is trying to drive people away from voting with their negative comments and that is when Donald Trump Jr. really starts getting frustrated.

Watch the video below:

The media is ignoring all of the negative information coming out about Hillary because they know it will hurt her and they can’t have that.

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