Trump Makes BIG Announcement About Next GOP Debate

by Just An American | March 16, 2016 12:22 pm

Republican presidential frontrunner plans to SKIP the final GOP primary debate[1] that will be held in Salt Lake City, US on March 21st. Instead, opting to deliver a speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference. People have already started to talk about it…

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Trump made the announcement on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” saying that “nobody told me about the debate” prior to committing to the speech.

Trump’s speech will take place the night before the Arizona and Utah primaries, in addition to an open primary in American Samoa.

What do you think? Could this affect Trump’s campaign negatively, or do you think he’ll be just fine? Here is what some other people have to say…

Roy Gibbons
He has nothing relevant to say at the debates anyway so no big deal.

Dawn Marie Curtis · School of Hard Knocks, University of Life
The debates are only for ratings, and Fox’s are down. NO NORE DEBATES!!!

Jerry Marshall · Odessa College
I agree with Trump on this one. It’s the same old, same old and you never learn anything new. Now if it were GOP vs. DEM that’s a different story.

Chris Diller · Calvary Academy
He’s lying through his teeth. After the last CNN debate, he thought that there were still 2 more debates after that one. Also do you think we are so stupid to think that you were not aware of a debate that has been scheduled for sometime that you or your campaign manager didn’t know about it. Come on. You’re either lying or you’r clueless. Either way we don’t need you as our president.

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