Trump: ‘Pretty Pathetic’ For Hillary To Blame Me For SC Shooting

Trump: ‘Pretty Pathetic’ For Hillary To Blame Me For SC Shooting

Businessman and now 2016 presidential-hopeful Donald Trump is not taking any criticism from Hillary Clinton lying down.

After Clinton went on an absurd tirade against Trump where she essentially blamed him for the Charleston, South Carolina AME church shooting, which took the lives of nine individuals, Trump is finally firing back.

Clinton claimed that rhetoric that Trump had used could “trigger” an unstable person to commit a violent crime like the one in South Carolina.

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On Friday morning, Trump posted a video on Instagram responding to Clinton’s comments, according to The Washington Times.

“Wow, it’s pretty pathetic that Hillary Clinton just blamed me for the horrendous attack that took place in South Carolina. This is why politicians are just no good. Our country’s in trouble,” he said in the short clip titled, “Hillary Clinton reaches new low.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Trump said the real estate tycoon, who canceled a sold-out campaign event in the state after the shooting, sends his prayers and condolences to the people of South Carolina.

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“At this time of national sorrow, a responsible leader should be focused on uniting and healing the country,” said Sam Nunberg, according to Breitbart.

“Mr. Trump believes that Hillary Clinton does not have any credibility when she blames words for violence. This is the same politician who lied to the world after she failed to take proper steps to secure the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and falsely blamed the radical Islamic attack on a YouTube video. This is the same person who illegally deleted her emails after getting a subpoena from the U.S. Congress.”

Even if you’re not a Trump fan, the Donald is right. The issue is that politicians like Clinton use tragedies like the AME church shooting to attack political opponents.

Then again, Clinton is just doing what all Democrats do in the wake of a disaster, which means her new campaign slogan should be “Never let a tragedy go to waste.”

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