Trump Receives PRAISE From “March For Life” For Protecting Pro-Life Judges

Trump Receives PRAISE From “March For Life” For Protecting Pro-Life Judges


I can actually get behind this. Donald Trump did something I am actually 100% behind. When asked in last night’s debate what his stance on abortion and the Supreme Court Justice vacancies was, he came out strong. He promised that the Supreme Court Justices that he would appoint would undoubtedly be pro-life. He was further asked, will they overturn Rowe V. Wade. The answer? Yes.

He didn’t beat around the bush on this one. He boldly stated how he felt. And he didn’t hesitate to bring up Hillary Clinton’s polarized views. She believes abortions should be permitted up until the birth of the child. When questioned about it, she claimed it was the most compassionate way to handle the situation. Yikes, right?

Luckily, many people are standing behind Donald Trump on this one. The March For Life foundation came out today and praised Trump on these very views. This is finally something we can really find ourselves getting behind. And they also praised him for confronting Hillary Clinton on her radical policies regarding late term abortion.

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In this instance, I don’t think I can ever budge. Abortion cannot be continued as a means of birth control. The argument brings in high emotions, but we cannot be guilty of avoiding the issue.  And the irony of Hillary claiming concern for the children, when arguing for gun control only moments after advocating late term abortions, cannot be circumvented. It is ironic in the most tragic way. These are children and they are not being given the right to even life.

The commentator even went out of his way to ask her if she felt a mother’s rights eliminated any rights to the fetus. But apparently, she doesn’t believe that a fetus has rights.

Way to go Trump. Don’t back down on this one. We need all the voices we can get.


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