Trump Releases EPIC Ad – Showing America Exactly Why Hillary Is UNFIT To Serve! [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | November 4, 2016 1:50 am


Hillary Clinton.

She is so many things. Mother, previous senator, former secretary of state, Democratic presidential nominee and currently being investigated for the second time by the FBI.


Well, Donald Trump is more than ready to tell you why. And I am 100% behind this message. His new advertisement endorsing his campaign for the United States presidency is pretty on point. You can watch it below, but in the meantime make sure and share. Everyone needs to be exposed to the facts about Hillary Clinton and her inconsistency towards honesty and integrity. She is perhaps the scariest presidential candidate any of us have seen in our lifetimes.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will be the first female in office….. give me a moment while I cry a little over that…. She will also be the first spouse of a former president to be elected. Her husband who was, let us not forget, impeached in 1998. And yet despite all this she is a very valid candidate for office.

This election has been more divisive to Americans than most elections. Both sides are terribly torn over the elected representatives for their parties in this election. So many have been willing to sacrifice morals and actual standards for the party that is not even representing them any longer. How did we get to this point? And what are we going to do to leave this place we landed?

Hillary Clinton is more and more likely to be indicted every day, but will it come soon enough? The election is only a week away. Do we have time to turn the tables?

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