As the World Is Rocked by ISIS Attack, Obama Drops Jaws With THIS

by Just An American | March 22, 2016 1:33 pm

President Obama very briefly mentioned the attacks on Belgium before giving the rest of his speech [1]in Cuba. Briefly. It wasn’t all that important to him though, not when cracking a joke to get a few good laughs came shortly after followed by a game of this…


The president didn’t miss a beat in his speech and showed “pep in his step,” while many Americans are concerned about terrorism in the wake of deadly ISIS-connected attacks that struck San Bernardino, California in December and the Paris attacks in November.

The terror attacks killed 127 people in Paris and 14 in San Bernardino.

The president will not be altering his plans in Cuba, and will be taking in a baseball game in the island nation.

Several commenters on Twitter were not amused.

Ted Cruz also weighed in:

ISIS has officially claimed that this attack was in fact them…and Obama is chilling at a baseball game in Cuba. He is a vile man…

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