Trump Is SICK Of Leftist CRY FESTS – Issues Them An Opportunity To GROW UP! VIDEO

by Sierra Marlee | December 2, 2016 4:56 pm

President-elect Donald Trump, like the rest of us, is tired of hearing liberals whine because they can’t accept the results of the election. Unfortunately for them, he’s their President whether they like it or not, and they need to start acting like adults if they expect him to take them and their positions seriously.

He’s made an impassioned plea, asking liberals to stop assaulting people[1] for voting for him and called for unity.

You can guess how that went.


From the looks of things, Trump is making a concerted effort to bring together Americans of all colors, creeds and backgrounds. Liberals, however, believe that they should continue to act like toddlers and throw tantrums because they’re not getting exactly what they want.

I’m all for that, if they could resist the urge to destroy the property of others and physically assault people for voting for the President-elect. Protesting is fine, but as soon as you cross that line it becomes criminal and the law will be enforced[3].

“You hear a lot about how we’re becoming a globalized world. We want to compete in the world. There is no global anthem. We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that is the American flag.”

“From now on, it’s going to be America first.” And he said that means all Americans: “For too long, Washington has tried to put us in boxes. They separate us by race, by age, by income, by geography, by place of birth. We spend too much time focusing on what divides us.”

Later in his speech, Trump called for a “truly inclusive society, where we support each other, love each other, and look out for each other.”

Watch the video below:

Trump is absolutely correct: the government – with help from the media – has been telling us who to hate for too long. They’ve been pitting gays against straight people, blacks against whites, liberals against conservatives, etc. and we’ve been allowing it to happen because it’s easier for us to notice differences in one another, than what we have in common.

Unfortunately for us, hate makes some people feel like they’re accomplishing something, like they’re morally superior to others. Because of this, we will never see complete and total unity, and no amount of passionate speeches will convince them otherwise. Trump has to prove to everyone that he has their best interests at heart. Then and only then will liberals show him some respect. (Hardcore progressives will not appreciate him no matter what he does.)

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