Trump Spokeswoman Smears Christians, Says Republicans Are Racist

by John Binder | January 23, 2016 4:23 pm

Katrina Pierson has long been known as a kind of pitbull for Donald Trump, attacking the media for their liberal bias and progressives for their radical positions of abortion and guns.

But, the Daily Caller did some digging[1] and found that Pierson has not always sided with conservatives on issues. Among issues from the Civil Rights movement, to the Trayvon Martin case and the latest round of conservatives who have all come out bashing Trump, Pierson has some choice words that some conservatives may not jive with.

pierson and trump[2]


Now, one thing Pierson is right about are these conservatives from National Review who are acting like they speak for all conservatives with their “Against Trump” issue of the magazine.

Ted Cruz is phenomenal and a true conservative, but is it really that bad to support Trump? He’s the only guy who has been 100 percent correct on immigration, trade and national security.

We’ll soon find out in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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