After Trying To BAN Trump – Look Who’s Building A WALL Right Now As We Speak!

After Trying To BAN Trump – Look Who’s Building A WALL Right Now As We Speak!

Europe has always turned up its nose at America, claiming that they are better than us because they are more “diverse” and “tolerant” and “civil” because they allow refugees and immigrants in without question. So, when Donald Trump jumped into the race with his rhetoric of building a wall and deporting illegal aliens around the nation, they did as much as they could to distance themselves from those ideas and headed in the completely opposite direction with their border security.


And then the crimes started. Refugees rape, kill and assault the citizens of European countries, and still they claimed that we just need to be tolerant of the people who are committing these heinous crimes.

Well. apparently that just isn’t cutting it anymore. The sunshine and rainbows charade can only fool people for so long. Eventually, reality will intrude on the illusion of utopia that has been created by those who have a hidden agenda, but by then it’s too late.

That is exactly what is happening in Europe as we speak.

A wall is being constructed between France and Britain in an effort to keep Muslim refugees from crossing the border into Britain.

No, I’m not joking. The Washington Post reported on this as well:

“Construction started here on a roughly mile-long concrete barrier intended to separate a sprawling migrant camp from the tunnels that offer passage to Britain, the latest attempt in what has become a global effort to throw physical barriers in the way of historic streams of human migration.”

Here is a picture of the planned location of this rather large wall:


Not only is the wall made out of cement, but it is going to be specially formulated to make it difficult to climb as well.

Let’s get this out of the way; there is nothing wrong with the wall, or them wanting to keep the immigrants out of their country. The only thing in this story that is wrong is that they have been so hypocritical about American border security with Mexico. They are quickly and painfully learning that wanting a wall isn’t about “bigotry” or “xenophobia” or hatred of anyone who looks different than you, it’s about the security of your people.

I will be awaiting the collective apology of every single European who mocked America for wanting to elect a man whose strongest talking point is protecting his people with a WALL!

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