TWISTED! Mother Hid 11 Yr-Old Son From Loving Step-Father In Closet Where He Died 3 Years Later [VIDEO]

TWISTED! Mother Hid 11 Yr-Old Son From Loving Step-Father In Closet Where He Died 3 Years Later [VIDEO]


You will want to hold your little ones a little closer after reading this. This mother absolutely deserves to be tried for murder. My heart goes out to the father of this sweet little boy. But even after all the evidence against her, she has chosen to plead, “not guilty.” Wait until you hear the whole tragedy.

This little boy was hid in the closet by his mother for years. She convinced everyone around her that the child had been sent to live with family in Mexico. The entire time she kept the little boy heavily drugged in the closet of their home. She would regularly torture the child and beat him.

The stepfather who constantly carried the young boy’s picture, thought he had truly moved to Mexico. And tragically, it wasn’t until a few hours after the boy’s death that he realized he had been there the whole time. He immediately ran from the home and called the police sobbing heavily.

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The state of the child is horrific. He was emaciated and filthy. It appeared he had been forced to stay in there for years without light or room to move. The eleven year-old boy had simply been kept on heavy drugs for the entire time. His body was almost unidentifiable when he was found dead.

What kind of mother could be responsible for this tragedy? And why was this boy targeted by the mother? His three older siblings were not abused. The story gets sadder when you look into the boy’s past. They have found at least two cases where teachers reported potential neglect and abuse to the authorities. Both times, they deemed the child well cared for. Now it is too late for this little boy to be okay.

I hope the mother is truly held responsible for this atrocity.

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