TWO-FACED Donna Brazile TRASHED Obama Economy In Private – And WikiLeaks Has Proof!

TWO-FACED Donna Brazile TRASHED Obama Economy In Private – And WikiLeaks Has Proof!

Donna Brazile isn’t in the headlines very often, but when she is it’s because she did and/or said something monumentally stupid. This time, it’s actually both and it’s actually pretty great.

My mother would always tell me: “The internet is forever, so never put anything in writing you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read.” In this case, it would be: “…never put anything in writing you don’t want the rest of the country reading.”


In an email release that is making Donna Brazile squirm, WikiLeaks has revealed that she isn’t as big a fan of Obama’s economy as she lets on in front of the cameras.

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I guess she’s just going along with Hillary’s view that you need a public and private opinion on everything.

On February 13th, 2016, Brazile sent the following email, lamenting the plight of everyday Americans, claiming they are in “despair.” (She’s not wrong, I just wish she had the courage to actually say it out loud. What she doesn’t know is, most of America agrees with her!)


I wholeheartedly agree with this! Yes! The economy sucks for a lot of us! Go Donna!

But then there’s this, sent out a month before.


It’s too bad that she needed to play stupid in order to get re-elected, because it would seem that deep down she actually has some common sense. Unfortunately, Democrats want to squash that in people.

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