TX Governor Goes After Anti-Trump Elector on Twitter: ‘You’re Fired!’

by Sierra Marlee | December 20, 2016 7:34 pm

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to social media to announce his displeasure with Electoral College elector Chris Suprun.

Suprun refused to cast his vote for Trump and went on a Twitter rampage against the President-elect. Of course, he did so in a very immature manner, but what do you expect from someone who uses social media to do all of his fighting?

Governor-elect Greg Abbott speaks at a news conference at the Capitol on Wednesday November 5, 2014, the morning after he was elected. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN[1]

On the 19th, Suprun conceded that all of his big talk ended up doing absolutely nothing and instead invoked a Ronald Reagan quote to make him seem like less of a jerk. (Spoiler: It didn’t work.)

On today's setback:

We fought, we dreamed, and the dream is still with us. – Ronald Reagan, 1976#ElectoralCollege[2]

— Christopher Suprun (@TheChrisSuprun) December 20, 2016[3]

That was when Abbott jumped on Twitter:

This charade is over. A bill is already filed to make these commitments binding. I look forward to signing it & ending this circus. #txlege[4] https://t.co/SaBWTWwkxS[5]

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) December 19, 2016[6]

Today, he was a little more direct:

@TheChrisSuprun[7]: YOU'RE FIRED!!!

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) December 20, 2016[8]

Suprun replied with a terribly unoriginal quip:

You mean I resigned.

— Christopher Suprun (@TheChrisSuprun) December 20, 2016[9]

And kept going:

PS Does this mean I can release tapes of your staff ignoring threats against Presidential Electors?

— Christopher Suprun (@TheChrisSuprun) December 20, 2016[10]

He only upholds the Constitution when it's convenient. #Sad[11] He plays into every caricature of GOP not respecting individual liberty. https://t.co/H3Pf1EOe39[12]

— Christopher Suprun (@TheChrisSuprun) December 20, 2016[13]

Nothing says impotent like being "fired" after casting my ballot. @GregAbbott_TX[14] more interested in political points than policy. https://t.co/7H3BunxsMQ[15]

— Christopher Suprun (@TheChrisSuprun) December 20, 2016[16]

Sad little fellow. why don’t you fade into obscurity with some dignity, okay?

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