This U.S. City Has Had Enough- REFUSING To Take In Any More Middle-East Refugees, Doing THIS…

by McIntosh | June 17, 2016 3:29 am

A city in the Texas Panhandle says they are fed up when it comes to resettling refugees from the Middle East.
The city of Amarillo now carries the uncertain title of having the country’s highest ratio of refugees from Middle East nations. City officials are asking for a stop on the resettlement of these refugees because of the destructive [1]impact on their community.


Amarillo is now home to more than 1,000 refugees from the Middle East. This gives the city the highest ratio of refugees in the nation,’s Kenric Ward reported. This has created problems for city and school officials.

One resident, William Sumerford, an activist for local taxpayers, said the Amarillo schools are dealing with large numbers of children who can’t speak English. “We have something like twenty-two languages spoken in our schools,” he told Ward.

City of Amarillo officials are working on a plan to halt the placement of these refugees in their community. “We’ve been a giving community, and it’s a huge disservice to bring in refugees in numbers that we’re not able to handle. We create small ghettos,” Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole told Ward.

“A group of Somalis came in to say they had elected a mayor of their community,” he continued. “Then another faction claimed they had their own leader. We come to find out that rival tribes — slaves and masters — were being settled together.”

This cannot be what refugees, or anyone else for that matter reverts to. If they want to build a government of their own design. Fine. let them do it back in their own country.

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