U.S. Navy Sailor records herself sitting during National Anthem…Navy ‘disciplines’ her – VIDEO

U.S. Navy Sailor records herself sitting during National Anthem…Navy ‘disciplines’ her – VIDEO

A Navy sailor is upset because she’s getting into trouble for sitting out while the National Anthem was being played. She ONLY got in trouble after she took a video of herself sitting out THEN posted it to a Navy FB page. WHAT did she expect would happen?


By the way, she is ONLY a trainee so it seems her heart hadn’t REALLY committed to serving the United States.

“We have identified the Sailor and her chain of command was made aware of the video,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kate Meadows, a spokeswoman for Naval Education and Training Command, “Appropriate administrative actions are pending. She is not being discharged or separated. She will be able to move on to her next duty station as planned.”

So the ‘braniac’ is trying to defend herself for standing with Colin Kaepernick and said:

“It basically says, ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ except for hirelings [and slaves], and I just can’t support anything like that,” she says in the video. “And I think Colin had a very good point when he said, ‘We’ve got bodies in the street. People always say, men and women have died for this flag. No, correction, men and women have died for my right, and Colin Kaepernick’s rights, to determine whether or not we want to sit. And that’s the thing that people really don’t understand.

I don’t not respect the men and women who serve — who I serve alongside,” she continued. “It’s just, until this country shows that they’ve got my back as a black woman, that they’ve got my people’s back — not even just my people but all people of color — I just can’t. And I won’t.”


“If a Sailor is not in uniform they can participate in a protest out in town — if they are not in violation of a law, riot, etc.,” Meadows said.

“Military personnel have First Amendment, but they are different from the rest of us,” said Eugene Fidell, a former Coast Guard judge advocate who teaches military law at Yale Law School. “For example officers can’t speak contemptuously of the president. You and I can. You and I have the right to give our boss a piece of our mind. A military member does not have the right to say that to the admiral. There is no cookbook for this because people are wonderfully unpredictable and can dream up all kinds of ways to be a nuisance to their commanders,” Fidell said.

She is in trouble, but won’t be discharged, hopefully she will commit herself to serve the employer she went to for a job.

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