UMass Students Occupy All Campus Toilet Stalls To Protest For More Gender Neutral Bathrooms

by Alexandria Willis | November 17, 2016 4:00 pm


This is so great. You really can’t make this stuff up.[2] These students are choosing to protest. They have apparently caught the protest fever. But they can’t seem to come up with a worthy cause to protest. They have decided to jump back to the gender neutral bathrooms debate. They are occupying…. wait for it……. the campus bathroom stalls. All the bathrooms are being occupied as they boycott class to make a statement.

I know you are probably thinking this has to be a joke, right? That is what I was completely convinced was the case. But after some research, it turns out this is completely true. They are boycotting. And the very best part is this….. they are calling it…. wait for it, drum roll please, a shit-in. I kid you not.

The “Shit-In at Whitmore” demonstration began Monday morning at the Whitmore Administration building (which the activists have nicknamed “Queermore”), and organizers intend to have students continue occupying stalls in the building’s male and female restrooms until their demands are met, though the Facebook event specifies a Friday afternoon ending.

The primary goal of the protest is to convince the administration to convert additional bathrooms on campus into gender-neutral facilities by changing the signage, which the group believes will promote “trans inclusivity and safety on campus,” but GLU has also articulated two additional demands, pledging to continue obstructing toilets until all three are met.

The demands are honestly ridiculous. They want medical services offered to accommodate trans-gender individuals. They want psychological experts to be available for these individuals. And they want all bathrooms to be uni-sex. Does this bother anyone else? Because it is seriously disturbing to me.

If I was in charge of this school, I know exactly what I would do. Let them sit in those bathrooms as long as they want. I feel like it is a pretty fitting place for their ideas to be discussed.


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