UN Approves Action Against Libyan Military

by William Teach | March 17, 2011 7:36 pm

Following up on the post from earlier today

The United Nations Security Council approved a measure[1] on Thursday authorizing “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians from harm at the hands of forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

The measure allows not only a no-fly zone but effectively any measures short of a ground invasion to halt attacks that might result in civilian fatalities. It comes as Colonel Qaddafi warned residents of Benghazi, Libya, the rebel capital, that an attack was imminent and promised lenient treatment for those who offered no resistance.

“We are coming tonight,” Colonel Qaddafi said. “You will come out from inside. Prepare yourselves from tonight. We will find you in your closets.”

So now the question is, how soon will NATO forces attack Libyan forces? Will they wait, or, will there be strikes tonight?

CNN reports[2]

The resolution was approved with 10 votes. China, Russia, Germany, India and Brazil abstained.

Good news to go with that: TV reports state that the Pentagon is waiting for guiedence from the White House. Meaning French, British, and possibly other nations other than the US will be involved as early as tonight, and Obama should make a decision sometime after the 19th hole on Saturday. Hopefully, I am being entirely unfair.

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