Union Bosses Trying to Bust Strike of OWN Staffer’s Union

Remember how unions are for “the little guy”? Remember how unions can’t wait to take to the street with obnoxious signs and thug behavior to strong-arm some business or another to their will? It’s all about the workers, dontcha know? Well, unless those workers that want to strike happen to be a union’s headquarters staff, that is. In that case union bosses frown on any striking going on.

As LaborReport.com notes, this hilariously hypocritical situation has, indeed, happened inside Teamsters headquarters (known as the “marble palace” for its opulence) in Washington D.C.

The HQ staffer’s union has announced that they might strike to get better wages and benefits, but Teamsters chieftains are furious that the staffer union would dare strike against their employer which happens to be the Teamsters union itself.

Hilariously, Teamster bigwigs are castigating the staffer’s union for refusing to “acknowledge the current economic conditions,” and for working against “belt-tightening.”

… Well, physician heal thyself!!

Isn’t it a laugh riot that the Teamsters are mad that a striking union isn’t recognizing the tough economic times in which we live? Sound familiar at ALL, Teamsters?

As LaborReport.com notes, we are seeing an amusing dilemma being faced by union overlords and their reaction to these situations is a classic disconnect.

The Teamsters are:

  • Attempting to negotiate takeaways from their workers;
  • Blaming their predecessors;
  • Blaming the workers’ union for its refusal to “acknowledge the current economic conditions”;
  • Firmly stating that they will not accept anything that would jeopardize the union’s financial health;
  • Preparing for a strike of their workers and, lastly;
  • Explaining that the union will operate during a staff strike.

But what of the Teamsters bosses themselves? How are they faring in these tough economic times? Pretty well, it seems:

Hoffa and Keegel each took a huge raise two years ago in the form of a bloated “housing allowance.” They have increased the number of officials, consultants, and cronies getting big money: multiple salaries paid by the IBT have gone up more than ten-fold under Hoffa. The only officials they have let go have been those who dared to think independently of Hoffa. They have special pensions that will make them millionaires in retirement. International officials get a meal allowance of $100 per day when traveling, often to resorts. Even Bret Caldwell, their PR guy who will issue press releases against the employees, had a total compensation of $180,694 last year.

So, um, where is the union buddy love for their own striking employees?

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