UPDATED: St. Louis Small Business Protests Rep. Russ Carnahan’s Cap and Trade Vote

Kudos to the folks of McArthur’s Bakery in St. Louis for telling Rep. Russ Carnahan what they think about his vote on cap and trade:

DSM, a Missouri blogger I met at the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference, got the video and has the scoop:

McArthur’s Bakery on Lemay Ferry Road, exercised their freedom of speech to protest Rep. Russ Carnahan’s (D-MO) vote in support of Cap and Tax (HR 2454). Their sign read: “Russ Carnahan voted to close us and other small business;” however, they’ve agreed to take it down pending a discussion with Rep. Carnahan.

Here’s a snippet of DSM’s interview with Randy McArthur, CEO of the bakery:

Stay tuned to DSM’s YouTube channel for additional video footage of the interview. Thanks for your work in sharing this story!

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UPDATE: Carnahan addressed the baker’s concerns in a response to the Washington Times:

“I think there’s been confusion about the issue generally, and I think the estimates that I have seen are the fact that small businesses much like McArthur’s probably experience a dollar more per day adding up to about $365 a year, which is a small price to pay when you consider it would give our country energy independence, which we have been working towards for some time now.”

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Gateway Pundit had a great response to this: “The response by Carnahan, of course, was inaccurate. The Democrats cap and trade bill will decimate the economy and result in the loss of nearly 4 million jobs all in the name of junk science. ”

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