Vacation Schedule

I’m going on vacation, starting today, and I won’t be returning until Monday the 13th. I do this a couple of times a year to recharge my batteries — but, of course, the show must go on.

So, I have arranged for an outstanding group of guest bloggers to fill in for me at my blogs (Total number of people required to replace me for a week: 14, including one not listed — and columns aren’t included). Here’s the rundown,

Right Wing News

Kathleen McKinley from RightwingSparkle
Katie Favazza from American Issues Project
Cassy Fiano
Tabitha Hale from Pink Elephant Pundit

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Conservative Grapevine

Wendy Sullivan from Girl On The Right
Dawn Eden from The Dawn Patrol
Devil’s Advocate from Copious Dissent
Ron Coleman from Likelihood of Success
Karol Markowicz from Alarming News

Right Wing Video

Elizabeth Terrell
Skye from Midnight Blue
Jon Stephenson from Stop The ACLU

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