VETS Warn Pet Owners: Giving Bones To Your Dogs Could Kill Them

by Greg Campbell | September 19, 2016 7:21 pm

Kittens love saucers of milk and dogs love — what? Bones, of course!

Do you give your dog bones? Many do. After finishing a good T-bone, why not give Fido a treat too, right?

According to veterinary charity, the PDSA[1], owners should stop giving their dogs bones as they assert that bones may actually be killing dogs!


The organization says that splintered bones could be damaging the digestive system of dogs and that many dogs have had to undergo surgery to repair the damage or address blockages caused by the bones.

They said that cooked bones pose the greatest risk of splintering, but that raw bones pose dangers as well.

Rebecca Ashman, a senior vet with the PDSA, said:

“Surgery is usually needed to remove any blockage and in some cases, the damage is so serious that it can be fatal.

Similarly, if they swallow a large piece of rawhide chew this can become stuck and cause serious problems.”

We all love to see our pets happy, but it may be time to find new toys for the pooches to chew on. A wagging tail is nice, but being sliced up or blocked by bits of bone seems like a particularly nasty ordeal.

What do you think? Wil you heed the advice? Or is the concern overblown?

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