VIDEO: Angry John Kasich Grabs Recorder From Reporter Who Points Out He’s Only Won One State

VIDEO: Angry John Kasich Grabs Recorder From Reporter Who Points Out He’s Only Won One State

John Kasich is an absolute amateur. He is lingering in the race with the hopes of receiving a political consolation prize and while doing so, he is mucking-up the race. He continually claims that he’s the only candidate who can win in the general. Meanwhile, he has only won a single state, his home state of Ohio. When a reporter pointed this out, Kasich became unhinged and grabbed his recorder and berated the reporter like a child.


From PolitiStick:

It looks like Ohio Governor John Kasich is getting more than a little testy with his performance in this presidential race. Kasich, who has only won his home state of Ohio, is mathematically eliminated from becoming the GOP nominee. But that hasn’t stopped him from believing that he will somehow reign victorious in a contested convention, though current rules would preclude him at this point from even being on the ballot.

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Although the odds are against him, Kasich still believes that he will be president and denies the accusation that at this point he is a spoiler candidate who is remaining in the race in hopes of being the VP on the ticket of whoever wins the nomination. Perhaps that’s why he got so testy and angry when a reporter simply asked a question that reminded voters that, thus far, Kasich has been a loser in this race, having only won his home state.

Kasich’s unhinged altercation was with Demetri Sevastopulo of the Financial Times. As the son of a mailman was speaking on Monday, he said, “Listen, at the end of the day I think the Republican Party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall.”

Sevastopulo then attempted to interject with an inconvenient truth in his question that obviously upset Kasich. He said, “If you’ve only won Ohio…”

That’s when Kasich snapped.

The reporter was never able to ask his question because Kasich abruptly cut him off. He snappily asked, “Can I finish?”

Sevastopulo did not relent. He responded, “If you answer the question.”

Kasich then put his short-fused temperament on display with an action that he no doubt wishes he could take back.

“I’m answering the question the way I want to answer it. You want to answer it?” The Ohio governor then grabbed the reporter’s voice recorder and said, “Here let me ask you the question. What do you think?”

That’s not very presidential, John. Perhaps you would like to take the advice you gave Trump the day before you snapped and lost it on this reporter.

“I mean, come on. Act like you’re a professional. Be a pro.”

John Kasich responds angrily to @DimiSevastopulo‘s question on winning only 1 state in Republican race

— Ben Marino (@benmarinojourno) April 18, 2016

Reporters can be a bit frustrating at times, but the question was not only fair game, but a very good question that should shine a light on Kasich’s lack of electability.

That he responded this way shows that not only is he not ready for the Oval Office, but that he is an absolute amateur who can get rattled by a simple statement of fact in a question.

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