VIDEO: Burger King Employee Forces Two Boys to Mop after They Made Fun of Him for Working There

VIDEO: Burger King Employee Forces Two Boys to Mop after They Made Fun of Him for Working There

A BURGER King employee didn’t take any crap from a group of untidy kids after he was caught on video forcibly slapping the living daylights out of them. Now, why on earth would a BURGER King employee do such a thing? Don’t they know legally you can’t do that? The answer is yes…but when these unsupervised kids go wild, mock you for working at a fast food joint and make a mess for you to come and clean up, it’s kind of a big deal…in RUSSIA!


That’s right. This little incident took place in mother Russia, which would explain the coldness of the employee. No offense Russia…though somehow I’m sure you took it as a compliment. I don’t know what it is about that place, but every time a video from Russia hits the web, it’s always of someone getting hurt, almost always by another person.

Anyways, scandalous video footage of the encounter shows the employee slapping one of the boys in the face and threatening him with jail…now how that works when you just assaulted the kid, I don’t know. Remember, it’s Russia…whatever.

The irritated staff member snatches hold of one of the youths who was dressed in some type of uniform, maybe a school uniform. He then pushed his head down violently, barely missing the counter where the drink dispenser was placed. Any closer and that would have been all bad. We’re talking Patrick Swayze from ‘Road House’ bad.

It would seem as if one of the boys was made to wear a paper crown as he mopped the floor, but it could be voluntary. It is BURGER King after all.

Off camera, the boy’s friends can be heard laughing before the pissed employee turns his death rays on them – forcing one to mop the floor.

The viral video has been criticized by online social justice warriors, believing the employee was after the roll of a bully…


Well, yeah. It’s Russia, folks. This employee is probably just working there before he joins Russia’s SVR, specializing in torture or something…Yeesh!

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