VIDEO: Crowder Goes Undercover To Infiltrate College Socialists – Results? HILARIOUS! [VIDEO]

VIDEO: Crowder Goes Undercover To Infiltrate College Socialists – Results? HILARIOUS! [VIDEO]

Social justice warriors are coming out of the woodworks now. Especially in our modern day colleges… yes, colleges that used to be viewed as a place for higher learning and opportunity for a better future. Now, it’s just… drama.

Eventually they’ll have to create a degree for these kids. Bachelors in “Professional Whining”


What are these kids doing and why aren’t parents caring to educate their kids on reality? Some good ‘ole fashioned truth would do these brats some good. They are out fighting for a cause that they know nothing about…and they don’t know, that they don’t know.

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That is the worst part. Annoying as they may seem, they were never taught what is right. They were dumbed down growing up in school and never taught that they CAN do hard things.

As a result, we have a generation of entitled bratty youth that have no idea what real suffering is about. No idea what sacrificing for the greater good is and for the life of them cannot put themselves in others’ shoes….even for a moment. It’s all about them and their feelings.

This is how you get ‘stupid’ to take control and it’s the perfect breeding grounds for corrupt leadership to hide their dark dirty secrets in PLAIN SIGHT.

These kids aren’t dumb because they failed, they are dumb because we failed to teach them. So the world taught them instead.

Take a gander at this video, I’m sure like myself, you will be mind-blown at the ignorance and idiocy of this generation. It’s hilarious, yet very saddening…and much more frightening.

I am very curious as to what it looks like inside those brains of theirs that I feel so bad for. It has to be awful in there! It is very literally a lifestyle of being offended. They wake-up in the morning ready to seek out new ways to be offended.

What these kids need…is military boot camp and service projects to do.

At this rate, they will be 70 and still living in their parents’ basement on their laptops and iPhones trolling on social media and posting updates full of ‘poor them’ statements.

I feel like I need to take a shower after watching the video. The stupid is way too strong with this one…it just feels gross.

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