[VIDEO] Dozens of People BELIEVE This ‘Sexy’ Robot is a Real Person

by John Brodgian | November 5, 2015 2:24 pm

We’re rapidly approaching Skynet level stuff here. A researcher created a robot that looks life-like[1]…just to see if he could fool people.

[VIDEO] Dozens of People BELIEVE This 'Sexy' Robot is a Real Person[2]

A robot has been created that is so life-like it fooled one-in-two people into thinking it was a real human.

But not only has the lifelike device been mistaken for a real person – she’s also been deemed ‘sexy’ by those who have seen her.

Named Actroid F, the 5ft 6in machine looks like a human being, blinks, responds to eye contact and recognises body language.

Watch more below. Would you fall for it?

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