VIDEO: Elephant rushes into the water to save drowning man

by McIntosh | October 17, 2016 8:52 pm

Forget cat gifs, it’s all about those baby elephant videos now! Okay, maybe everyone isn’t clocking to YouTube to waste countless hours on big ‘baby’ elephants quite yet, but if you see what this particular elephant[1] does for its caretaker, you believe you could get in on the ground floor of this new movement. What do you say?

Nothing is going to get in between this little elephant baby and her favorite human!


Kham Lha is the youngest free elephant at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand and her best-loved staffer, Darrick, and her share quite the bond.

The bond these two share is so great that, when she saw Darrick simulating that he was drowning in a nearby river, straight away came barging into the water to try and rescue him. Not going to lie, this made my 6’1, 200 lbs, full bearded heart smile…What? I have feelings too!

Footage reveals Kham Lha rushing as fast as a baby elephant could to rescue her Darrick, whom she saw apparently drowning in the water (even though he was just showing what Kham Lha can do). As she pushes through the fast current of the river, she finally catches him after he swims off to the side a bit. Still mimicking that he is drowning, she lovingly pushes at him with her trunk in which he grabs onto. She then steps over him to keep him in between her legs. Her purpose for doing this is pretty clear.

She loves her caretaker!


Darrick gives the little elephant a big hug and you can hear him say ‘thank you’ to her for rescuing him.

At just four years old, Kham Lha was rescued from a Thai zoo that made her undergo backbreaking training in order to entertain the guests. Luckily she was taken from them and put in this animal sanctuary where she’s safe and sound, finally enjoying life at the Nature Park with other elephants, and of course her buddy Darrick.

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