VIDEO: Father Shoots To Kill His Wife And Son – Then Confesses While Streaming LIVE…

VIDEO: Father Shoots To Kill His Wife And Son – Then Confesses While Streaming LIVE…

A lot of families go through trouble. some actually break up. It’s not an easy thing to endure for any member of the family…but it’s no reason to commit the unforgivable. What one sorry excuse for a father did is exactly unforgivable.


Earl Valentine had gone to his ex-wife, Keisha Valentine’s home in Norlina, North Carolina and kicked in the front door on Tuesday. He went after her and shot her. He then went after their 15 year-old son Earl Jr., and also shot him, killing him instantly.

While fleeing the scene, Valentine posted a video on his Facebook page, attempting to give some of his perspective and started confessing to the horrific crime. He claimed that his ex-wife ‘deserved what she had coming.’

Yes. That’s right. So the killing was totally justifiable to him. I shouldn’t even have to ask, but what about his son? He killed his own teenage son. Where’s the excuse in that one?


It turns out that North Carolina police actually traced Valentine’s cellphone to Richmond, Virginia on Wednesday morning following the slaying the night before…of all places, the killer decided he needed to speak to his dead father, because the trace took them to where Valentine’s Father was buried. Unfortunately, police did not find him there.

The police then tracked Valentine to Columbia, South Carolina, where U.S. Marshals discovered his body in a motel room. He had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was dead. The man had slaughtered his only family and had decided to take the coward’s way out, like so many before him.

Police Chief Taylor Bartholomew surmised that Valentine’s son had tried to protect his mother from his Father and was then shot and killed in the process. But before he died, the son was able to make a call to the police, and explain that his father had just shot him and his mother…It didn’t seem that Valentine was that broken up about it on his disgusting Facebook rant.

The chief said he spoke to Valentine on the phone and described him as ‘cold and callous’ and exhibiting no remorse for his heinous work. He also stated that all Valentine cared about was making proof positive that his ex-wife was dead.

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