VIDEO: When a gang starts harassing reporters, a senior citizen on a SCOOTER takes one of them out

by McGuire | March 21, 2016 1:12 pm

Someday I hope that I will be as awesome as this grandma on her scooter that isn’t taking any crap from a bunch of thug migrant gang bangers. Check out what she does when these fools start messing with some reporters:[1]

thug life[2]

Why so many people support GOP front-runner Donald Trump became abundantly clear this Sunday when “60 Minutes (Australia)” released footage showing its crew members being punched and assaulted by a bunch of President Barack Obama’s “peaceful migrants.”

The assault occurred in Sweden, mind you, but the point still remained the same.

The Daily Signal explained that when the Australian news crew entered an area reportedly inhabited by “mostly Somali migrants,” crew members were attacked by some of the migrants.

These people owe the migrants absolutely nothing, and it rests on the migrants to either make something of themselves or go back home. And judging by their refusal to acclimate to European culture, I think they should just pack their bags, head back to the Middle East and maybe, just maybe try defending their home from the Islamic State.

This is epic:

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