[VIDEO] Gangs Roving Illinois Brutally Beating and Attacking College Students

[VIDEO] Gangs Roving Illinois Brutally Beating and Attacking College Students

In freaky and terrifying news, this is just in:

Screenshot of ABC-7's Report

Screenshot of ABC-7’s Report

Hat Tip to The Daily Caller:

Over the last two weekends, a group or groups of black men have been roving have been roving the streets and beating people completely at random near the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Police say the beatdowns are consistent with initiations by big-city street gangs — a phenomenon not typically seen on most Big 10 campuses.

The latest round of maulings occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., WLS-TV reports.

The attackers — described as black men, perhaps 25 years old, wearing dark clothes — rambled around an area in Champaign, tackling various innocent and unsuspecting people to the ground and kicking them in the head.

Police say five students suffered injuries in four different instances. Three of the students received treatment for bruises, cuts and facial wounds, notes WLS. One student also had a cell phone stolen.

Some victims said their attackers asked them a question or threatened them before their pummelings began. Other victims said they just got pummeled.

Each incident occurred on a residential street in front of witnesses.

There were six to eight attackers in total. They cruised around in a blue vehicle, looking for fresh victims.

Police also noted that a similar rash of random beatdowns occurred the prior weekend when there were at least three such attacks.

There have been 45 assaults reported in the Champaign–Urbana metropolitan area since Oct. 1.

Champaign police have been observing the growth of local satellite operations by Chicago street gangs since 2008.

VIDEOFrom ABC7 I-Team :

Yea this totally makes me excited to send my kids off to college. Seems like a safe place. Or nah.

But don’t worry- This isn’t a ‘hate crime’ – at least not according to the disgraced Eric Holder, anyways. There is no way that a black on white hate crime could be committed, apparently.

The race card game is so old and tired. Isn’t everyone sick of it? Crime is crime…and crimes of one race against another, or one gender or sexuality against another, are HATE CRIMES. Just say what it is, OK? Enough of the PC bullcrap already…


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