VIDEO: This is what happens if you pour sulphuric acid on a Big Mac

by Just An American | August 24, 2016 1:55 am

I don’t know that I have seen anything so disgusting before regarding something that we actually eat. From the looks of it, we might as well be downing poison everyday[1] for 3 meals a day. You are NOT going to believe what you are about to see…


From Metro:

When you chew down on the beefy goodness of a Big Mac, you’re relying on your stomach acid to melt down that big, leathery slice of meat.

But, as this video shows, maybe you shouldn’t bet too heavily on your stomach winning that fight.

YouTube channel Let’s Melt This says, ‘We originally through the big mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush.

‘Almost as if we left it in the oven too long. Of course when we got to the center of the big mac it began to melt away on contact. We time lapsed this video over a 30 minute period so you could view the entire process quicker.

Just for contrast, here’s what happens when you melt a sock with sulphuric acid (spoiler: it’s easier to melt a sock).

Basically we are paying to be poisoned and can’t get enough of it. The sad thing is, many of us will watch this, be disgusted and even pissed about it. Then tomorrow will come and we’ll find ourselves in the drive-thru ordering one.

Luckily, there will be those that will cut it out altogether because of their disgust. Which one are you?

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