VIDEO: Homeschooled 4-Year-Old Overcome with Emotion When She Learns George Washington Is No Longer Alive

by Rachel Alexander | October 25, 2014 4:17 pm

ava[1]This adorable little 4-year-old girl, who is homeschooled along with her 6-year-old brother, has a touching reaction when she discovers George Washington is not alive. She had been learning about early American history and the Presidents, and had grown quite fond of Washington. When asked who lives in the White House, she responded, “George Washington.” When her mother informs her Washington passed away around 200 years ago, the girl bursts out sobbing uncontrollably. [2]

According to IJ Review,

Her mother tries to console her with the thought that although it’s impossible for her to ever meet George Washington, she could conceivably meet our current President, Barack Obama.

This doesn’t seem to help.

How refreshing to know there are still young children being taught to revere our Founding Fathers, even if they’re only getting that education from homeschooling these days. Watch the touching video below.

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  2. the girl bursts out sobbing uncontrollably. :

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