[VIDEO]: King Obama Threatens GOP: If Republicans Don’t Shut Down the Government, ‘We Shouldn’t Have a Problem’

[VIDEO]: King Obama Threatens GOP: If Republicans Don’t Shut Down the Government, ‘We Shouldn’t Have a Problem’

President Obama has often taken issue with Republican-led efforts to bring his administration under control. Now he is threatening Republicans to shut down the government:


Last year, House Republicans and Senate Democrats could not agree on a continuing resolution. This resulted in a partial government shutdown and since then, Obama and his defenders have repeatedly pointed to this event as justification for his tyrannical grip on the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Obama taunted Republicans and maintained that they had caused the government shutdown and ominously warned that if they did not shut the government down, “we shouldn’t have a problem.”
“One of the habits that we have seen in Congress, over the last four years since the House Republicans took over, is that everything becomes hostage to one disagreement. So a couple of years ago it was was ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, and they decided we are going to shut down the government because we disagree with one law.”

Stephanopoulos noted that Republicans have maintained that they do not intend to push for a shutdown. Obama replied, “Well, if they are not going to do that then we shouldn’t have a problem.”

It appears that President Obama needs a dose of reality and a pull-back on the reins reminiscent of that offered to Andrew Johnson. The Congress are not unruly children or difficult employees of the Obama Administration; that he could so snidely note that so long as the Congress behaves as he would like, there won’t be a problem, is indicative of a tyrant who so obviously feels bound by no constitutional constraint.

Last year, Senate Democrats and House Republicans could not agree on a continuing resolution to keep the government funded. Though the GOP-controlled House approved a continuing resolution that did not include a funding measure for Obamacare, the Senate did not approve the continuing resolution and the country went under a partial government shutdown.

Somehow, though the Senate Democrats refused to approve the House-approved resolution, the mainstream media dutifully kept with the Obama Administration’s talking points and labeled the shutdown the Republican-created government shutdown.

Since then, President Obama has made it a point to highlight the apparent dysfunction of the supposedly obstructionist Republicans when defending his unconstitutional powergrabs.

In truth, however, a partial government shutdown is regrettable but, notably, not illegal.

[WATCH BELOW] this awful video of Obama threatening the Republicans!


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