VIDEO: Libs outraged as dad posts video showing him teaching his 4 year-old daughter to shoot a rifle

by Alexandria Willis | December 13, 2016 2:51 am


Buck Holly is an avid gun owner and collector[2]. In fact, he even owns a custom gun store and employs all kinds of gun owners. He recently posted a video to Facebook on December 3rd, showing him teaching his four year-old daughter Noah to shoot a rifle. And it is beyond darling. It brought me back to my own experiences with my dad learning to shoot a gun and safely operate a rifle.

The video itself, however, was not as well accepted. The video started a heated debate between gun lovers who were proud of the little girl and those who thought the girl was too young to handle a weapon safely.

The father, Buck Holly, himself jumped into the debate, telling critics that he is teaching his daughter the most important lessons about gun safety now to prevent dangerous accidents in the future. Learning to operate a gun safely could prevent so many tragedies in the future.

Buck Holly owns and works in a custom-built gun shop in La Belle, Florida called C&H Precision Weapons. He is obviously well-versed in how guns work and how to safely handle a firearm.

In an interview with, Holly defended his decision to teach his little girl to shoot.

‘I would invite each and every one of [my critics] to come to the range with me and my family and participate in it. See how things really happen. They got to see a 30 second snippet of a little girl shooting. What they don’t see is the preparation that goes into it. They don’t see her asking and begging for more ammo. So I would tell my critics, feel free to criticize me. That’s our lifestyle. But before you criticize, come and try it and experience it for yourself,’ Holly said.

Honestly, right on, dude! Your daughter will be better because of this!

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