VIDEO: Man Beats Up His Wife’s Side Dude

VIDEO: Man Beats Up His Wife’s Side Dude

Is it worth it? Seriously, is this trouble worth the pain? Men and women can endure a myriad setbacks, maybe not well, but generally I’d like to think the best of people. Maybe the benefit of the doubt, sorts. But when it comes to matters of the heart, whoa boy, look out!


Love and trust can go a long ways. It’s held people through the worst that life has to give. It compels humans to do incredible things, even work miracles.

But God save anyone who comes in with a wrecking ball and smashes that love into a billion pieces.

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That kind of attack leaves options on the table for folks and most of them can well be considered insane. There’s that natural animal instinct that is in all of us. It connects with the beast mode side of the brain, the right side of the brain, the emotion driven side. So when some folks have an emotion as damaging as betrayal taking play in your life, the best decisions don’t always follow.

And here’s one very good example:

Is it me, or does it seem that the cheater of the relationship usually always gets passed over on the initial rage reaction? I mean here it is, the man who the cheating wife was cheating with (or so the video claims), is being pinned down on a sidewalk curve, choked out and taking a few hard punches to the head, and the cheating wife is standing right beside the action, causally telling her husband to stop. What about her?!

What really makes me sick to my stomach is the filming of the whole ordeal. The casual and excited tone the idiots who are witnessing the beating take. At least one of them, after hearing the name (Craig) of the attacker being yelled out by the cheating wife, decides to get funny by making a ‘Friday’ reference.

Dude. The guy is getting choked out. Where is the humanity?

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