Video: Man Records Goodbye Video To Loved Ones After Being Stuck In A Ravine After A Bike Accident

Video: Man Records Goodbye Video To Loved Ones After Being Stuck In A Ravine After A Bike Accident

With some serious injuries, broken bones as well as a punctured lung, Kevin Diepenbrock laid on his back nearly 30 hours waiting to die after his motorcycle wrecked on a stretch of highway near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.


“The whole day went by and hundreds and hundreds of bikes had gone by. And they sound like they’re 50 feet away from you and there’s just nothing that you can do,” Diepenbrock told reporters.

Diepenbrock and his friend, Phillip Polito, decided to take their bikes out for a morning ride on Oct. 15th on the part of U.S. Route 129 dubbed “The Dragon,” whose name may have something to do with the 318 curves squeezed into just 11 miles. About 4 miles into their ride, Polito braked on a bank, which sent Diepenbrock who was following behind, crashing into him. They both lost control and veered off the road over an embankment. Polito was killed, having fallen 50 feet, but Diepenbrook survived, even though he fell double the height at 105 feet.

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Injured and totally unable to move due to injuries sustained, Diepenbrock recorded videos on his cellphone for his family, thinking he would never see them again:

“I f—– up, that’s all I can really say. At about 10:30 this morning. Been laying here ever since. About 50 feet down in the ravine. I just wanted to say I love you guys. Sorry I was being stupid, but you know that’s what I do, see you guys soon.”


Diepenbrock, roughly 27 hours after the crash, was eventually able to attract some help as people passing by finally heard his screams.

“It’s a miracle that somebody even heard him there,” said Fire Deputy Chief Jerry Phillips as he was talking to the media, “It’s really amazing.”

Diepenbrock said that he attempted to text and call for help, but received no signal. He truly is blessed that someone finally heard his voice on such a route.

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