VIDEO: Man rescues a skunk with head stuck in a Coke can in ‘bravest’ moment of his life

VIDEO: Man rescues a skunk with head stuck in a Coke can in ‘bravest’ moment of his life

It’s a funny thing to see all the different weird animals nature throws out at us. There are a lot of animals that most people in the world will never set eyes on unless it’s on a screen of in a zoo. Then there are those animals that are just known universally…animals that walk on all four. Have fur. Are black with white strips running down the back…animals that will make your eyes water, and your skin smell as if you’re the walking dead.

That’s right. The infamous skunk…


Most people will avoid these little stink balls like the plague, but when one guy finds a skunk with his fat head stuck in the coca-cola can, the man takes no thought to being potentially bombarded with skunk juices, and springs into action.

The good Samaritan decided to deliver the poor beast after he spotted its predicament. He posted a video of the daring rescue, and it’s gone viral, with him claiming that it was ‘the bravest thing I’ve ever done’.

Well my friend, I would have to agree on that one. Phew!

When the footage starts, the skunk can be seen just wandering around in circles with the Coca-Cola as a helmet.(go home Skunk, you’re drunk) The man then attempts to communicate to the little devil, as if it speaks English…‘Skunk, please don’t spray me. Come over here.’

It doesn’t talk back.

He then keeps on with it, saying: ‘Don’t be scared little guy. I’m going to take that off your head. Please don’t be scared, please don’t spray me.’

After creeping behind the skunk for a few minutes, the man finally is within reach of the coke can helmet, and he makes an attempt…

The video has had over 1.4 million views, and a lot of views have described the video experience as ‘oddly intense’.

This man should be allowed to join Canadian special ops…that took some major brass balls.

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