VIDEO: Man Shoots Lawn Mower Full of Explosives and Almost Ended Up Killing Himself

by Rachel Alexander | March 27, 2016 7:24 pm

lawnmower[1]It’s fun to shoot things and blow them up for fun — as long as no one gets hurt. Guns can be fun to shoot, even explosives can be fun, but only if you are extremely careful and take serious precautions. One 23-year old Georgia man did not do this, and thought it would be fun to blow up a lawnmower from only 43 feet away. FlyHeight posted the gruesome video. [2]

As you can see in the video, his leg is blown off by a flying piece of the lawnmower. Sheriff Joe Chapman is interviewed about the incident and says that if you’re going to use explosives likes this, you need to stand 100 yards away per pound of Tannerite. The federal government has been increasingly passing regulations banning unpermitted explosives in areas around the country. This tragic incident will no doubt result in more restrictions. Hopefully it will also serve as a deterrent to others who were considering things up without taking precautions.

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