VIDEO: Mary Matalin tears into Van Jones over his ‘whitelash’ comments about Trump’s election

by Sierra Marlee | November 14, 2016 7:44 pm

I was watching CNN during the election results because it’s the only news channel we have at my house and it was a perfect opportunity to scope out the opposition’s reaction to the results.

Van Jones preformed as only he can, somehow working the race-factor into the election between two old, white people. When I heard his comments about this election being a “white lash” I about lost my mind. Luckily it appears that I’m not the only one who was outraged by his ludicrous statement.


Republican commentator Mary Matalin tore into liberal pundit Van Jones for his comments regarding Donald Trump’s victory being a “white lash” against 8 years of a black President.

She did not take kindly to the insinuation of racism and gave him the opportunity to recant[2], which he rejected.

“I said, and stand by it, I said that race was a part and there was a part that alt-right part is part of the whitelash. If you listened to the whole quote you would agree with what I said so I don’t take that back,” Jones said.

“I did listen and you said what do I tell the kids. I’m a black man in America who went to Yale and written books who served a president,” Matalin retorted.

But Jones continued to play the race card, insisting that he is the first member of his family born with all of his rights.

“I do know your daddy, your grandparents were teachers. your grandfather was a bishop,” Matalin fired back.

You can watch the contentious exchange below:

Does everything have to be about race with liberals? For once could they admit that maybe they lost because they ran an inferior candidate and the sitting President used the poor strategy of spending the last 8 years bashing Americans who didn’t agree with him?

I mean come on, Jones can’t be that blind, can he?

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