VIDEO: The Moment a Thug Took a Gun Out of His Pocket and Savagely SHOT Two Cops

VIDEO: The Moment a Thug Took a Gun Out of His Pocket and Savagely SHOT Two Cops

Two police officers in a parking lot were shot by a black suspect and the shocking footage was caught on tape. The shooting took place after one of the police officers had repeatedly asked the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets and he refused.


22 year-old Khari Gordon is now being arrested after shooting Captain Michael Schulman and Jeffrey Martin, the two police officers who approached him after pulling him over on suspicion that he was driving a stolen car.

Via bodycam, we see the footage of this heinous exchange where Captain Schulman is clearly heard asking the young man multiple time to take his hands out of his pockets.

After just seconds, Gordon is heard firing his gun at the 50 year-old police officer, who falls to the ground screaming. Following that shot, Gordon goes on to shoot 27 year-old Officer Martin before he makes his getaway by foot.

Captain Schulman was shot in his armpit and Officer Martin in his hand, both were hurried to the hospital for medical care. Schulman still remains in an intensive care unit down with a punctured lung. He is a father of two.

Officer Martin has since been discharged from the hospital. However, he must undergo specialist surgery to remove the bullet that is still lodged in his hand. Officer Martin is an army veteran who just joined the police force less than a year ago.

As for the shooter, Gordon fled by foot into hiding and stayed hidden for several hours in the woodlands of town before he was caught. The courts have denied him bail and he is facing two counts of felony intent of murder, in addition to two counts of aggravated assault on an officer and furthermore possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

My question is why?

When you’re caught with a stolen vehicle, why is the first answer to that… shoot both cops? He had to have known he couldn’t hide in the forest forever. Now he has gone from stealing a vehicle to attempted murder … on POLICE OFFICERS!

Thank goodness these officers will survive this attack, sending prayers for their speedy recovery and hope that their quality of life will not be too affected for the negative.

This is why police officers have to shoot first and shoot to kill. People like this. This could have gone a lot worse than it did and this sort of danger happens far more than people know.

If someone decides to be a threat, they have also decided to be a target.

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