VIDEO: The Movie “Home Alone with” Competent Robbers

VIDEO: The Movie “Home Alone with” Competent Robbers

With the horrific reports of this mornings Ohio campus “shootings” being reported earlier today, it may be a good idea to brace yourselves for the progressive gun-grabbing assault that without fail happens every time there is a shooting… And yes, I know, this attack by a Somali Muslim was committed with the edge of a knife, but when have the facts ever been a concern for the progressive left and right, or their ‘activist’ media?


As far as I’m concerned, the media and their partners in politics are always on the wrong side, until they can prove the opposite. There will be no benefit of the doubt given to them, ever. That’s precisely how they advance their stranglehold on us and continue to degrade our U.S. Constitution.


So, to take a break from this topic, let’s revert back to ‘Family Guy’ the animated series, to explain a point that I know the liberal creator, Seth Macfarlane, no way in Hell intended to do:

Yes, that was crude. Yes that was bloody. Yes that was an extremely dark take on a beloved 90’s classic that I love. But did you notice any differences between this rough parody and the real movie?

The logic? Of course! While there are some really, and I mean REALLY stupid criminals out there, there are far more that are not as foolish as the two from ‘Home Alone’. But what else did you notice? The GUNS they carried. Yes, it’s a comedy cartoon, but it gave a realistic look at what anyone can and should expect from a real world event like a home invasion. These two were able to murder (yes, it was really dark…sorry) a Macaulay Culkin-esque character. What’s the lesson to be learned? Count on criminals to have guns. They will acquire them no matter what 2nd Amendment circumventing law these progressives come up with, so here’s some advice…

Why not own a gun yourself?

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