VIDEO: Nonprofit Reunites Homeless, Dying Veteran With Service Dog

by John Brodgian | August 15, 2015 8:49 am

Some of the most tear-jerking videos are watching our veterans being reunited with their dogs. This one is slightly different[1], and slightly more moving…

VIDEO: Nonprofit Reunites Homeless, Dying Veteran With Service Dog [2]

For 53-year-old Harry Brown, a homeless veteran with terminal pancreatic cancer, life has dealt some difficult blows. But a trip to Long Beach to say goodbye to family and friends proved especially devastating when his beloved service dog, Olivia, wandered away while he napped in a park 10 days ago.

“I just kept praying she would be with someone who would take care of her,” Brown said.
Fortunately, Olivia was eventually found wandering the streets of Long Beach, and was taken to the local animal shelter where she was looked after while staff searched for her owner.

Meanwhile, Brown’s Craigslist ad caught the attention of an animal rescue group called Captain Care, and soon volunteers and donors from across Southern California rallied to reunite the veteran with his service dog.

The non profit even used donations to bail Olivia out of the shelter and get Brown and get Brown a ticket back to Long Beach. You can watch more about it below!

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