VIDEO: One anti-Trump Protester found out the hard way why you don’t protest on the freeway

by McIntosh | November 15, 2016 12:16 am

This last week has seen Anti-Trump protesters take to the streets in multiple cities around the country, with rioters marching and destroying stores and property. One of the more ambitious forms of rioting that has been a fan favorite of the millennial radicals[1] is the blocking of the freeways and highways. You know, the kind that has speeding blocks of metal and fiberglass moving on them. These roadblocks need to be formed before any road protest can be achieved and it’s left to the real trailblazers of the movement to really be the first line of defense and venture out to bring the speeding vehicles to a halt.


In this case, it’s the state of California. The city is San Diego. And the protesters? Idiots…Just the way Darwin likes them.

This mob of protesters, believed to be students from the University of California, San Diego (of course they were…), decided it would be a good idea to stage a blockade near Interstate 5 in the La Jolla area.

The protesters shouted attention-getting chants as they roamed around near the Interstate, such as:

“Education Not Deportation!”

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!”

Now don’t be fooled by these children. They are indeed smart enough to rhyme, but that’s the extent of their brain activity, poor souls. For this group, and specifically one young lady, life had a hard lesson to teach them.

As the mob moved with impetus into lanes of oncoming traffic, a shout of “get the f___ off of the highway!” could be heard.


Unfortunately protesters of this sort, mainly young and dumb, tend to be really poor…probably all that grade-A socialist education they are getting and thus need to make some cash. As we have learned over the weekend, some of these kids could be paid protesters, bused into town.[4]

SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!…Oh wait, didn’t we just protest them last week?

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